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The Berea Podcast

May 30, 2017

We share our love about the Saturday culinary adventures at Native Bagel Company, Clementine’s Bake Shop and Noodle Nirvana. Find out more at!

May 24, 2017

When people ring our doorbell here in Berea, we are excited! Find out why on this episode. Find out more over at

May 23, 2017

Troy went on the 'Get on the bus - Berea' tour on April 25, 2017. It was so full of facts and stories that he recorded it to share it on the show. Pictures and more information about the bus tour is available at! 

May 6, 2017

In this a brief episode we share how we first met and what we chose to move to Berea. Full Show Notes and a picture from our wedding can be found at  

May 1, 2017

With this episode we feature the song that is featured in everyone of our episodes. Full shownotes and links can be found at